Watford Grand Prix (08 June 2024)


Meeting Start Time: 5:30 pm (TBC)

Closing Date: 27 May 2024 (or when the meeting is full. Pease note individual events can close independently) ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED.

Entry: Opens on 01 April 2024. Initially only available for BMC members & overseas

Entry Fees on entry: Members £15. Overseas £25. Non Members £25.  This includes entry into the stadium.  (Please note all entry fees are non-refundable). Overseas athletes doing more than one race in a season are encouraged to join BMC.

Timetable : A provisional timetable will be issued on Tuesday 4th of June. Please so not email the race organiser asking for a timetable or race details before this date. Seeding is based on Power of Ten times so please do not send updates on UK performances.

Wavelight times are HERE

Spectator Tickets are available HERE

If you are able to assist the meeting by offering to be a PACEMAKER please contact Tim Brennan.

The live stream can be found HERE A BMC discount to the Vinco subscription is available using  discount code britishmilersclub10

Live Results are HERE

Watford Records              
Senior Records          
800m 01:45.10 Richard Hill 10Jun06   01:59.33 Lynsey Sharp (Mx) 24Jun17
          01:59.35 Khalisa Mhlanga 23-Aug-23
1500m 03:36.01 James West 23-Aug-23   04:03.09 Nancy Chepkwemoi 27Jun15
3000m 07:43.57 Andy Butchart 12-Jun-21   08:59.57 Cristiana Ruiz 01-Jul-23
5000m  13:28.60 Mizan Mehari ETH 05Aug98   15:06.26 Calli Thackery 11-Jun-22
10,000m 27:32.81 Fabiano Joseph Nassi TAN 05-Jul-03   31:26.94 Jo Pavey 30-Jun-07
3000m STCH 08:29.96 Andrew Lemoncello 30Jun07   09:24.38 Tatiane Da Silva 11-Jun-22
U20 Records              
800m 01:46.84 Oliver Dustin 29Jun19   02:00.37 Jessica Judd 15May13
1500m 03:40.63 Nick Griggs 01-Jul-23   04:13.76 Emma Pallant 14Jun08
3000m 08:01.48 Darragh McEhinney  29Jun19   09:13.58 Joanne Harvey 14Jun08
5000m  13:28.60 Mizan Mehari ETH 05Aug98   15:34.21 Emelia Gorecka 09Jun12
3000m STCH 08:38.07 Zac Seddon 09Jun12   10:11.86 Pippa Woolven 09Jun12


Watford Records
Senior Records
800m01:45.10Richard Hill10Jun0601:59.33Lynsey Sharp (Mx)24Jun17
01:59.93Alex Bell26May18
1500m03:36.26Elliot Giles10Aug2204:03.09Nancy Chepkwemoi27Jun15
Andy Butchart12Jun2109:04.21Nicola Gauld14Jun08
5000m 13:28.60Mizan Mehari ETH05Aug9815:06.26Calli Thackery11Jun22
10,000m27.32.81Fabiano Joseph Nassi TAN05Jul0331:26.94
Jo Pavey30Jun07
3000m STCH08:29.96Andrew Lemoncello30Jun0709:24.38Tatiane Da Silva11Jun22
U20 Records
800m01:46.84Oliver Dustin29Jun1902:00.37Jessica Judd15May13
1500m03:40.70Othmane Laarroussi MOR11Jun1104:13.76Emma Pallant14Jun08
3000m08:01.48Darragh McEhinney 29Jun1909:13.58Joanne Harvey14Jun08
5000m 13:28.60Mizan Mehari ETH05Aug9815:34.21Emelia Gorecka09Jun12
3000m STCH08:38.07Zac Seddon09Jun1210:11.86Pippa Woolven09Jun12


  • Men’s 1500m
    Age Groups: U17, U20, Senior
    Entry Standard: 3:52 (Overseas 3:47)
  • Men’s 3000m SC
    Age Groups: U20, Senior
    Entry Standard: 9:15
  • Men’s 5000m
    Age Groups: U20, Senior
    Entry Standard: 14:30 (Overseas 14:30)
  • Men’s 800m
    Age Groups: U17, U20, Senior
    Entry Standard: 1:53 (Overseas 1:49)
  • Women’s 1500m
    Age Groups: U17, U20, Senior
    Entry Standard: 4:35 (Overseas 4:30)
  • Women’s 3000m SC
    Age Groups: U20, Senior
    Entry Standard: 10:45
  • Women’s 800m
    Age Groups: U17, U20, Senior
    Entry Standard: 2:13 (Overseas 2:11)
  • Women’s 5000m
    Age Groups: U20, Senior
    Entry Standard: 16:45


Nick Bentham
Responsible for:

Entries for Womens 800m / 1500m / 5000m

Rupert Waters
Responsible for:

Entries for Mens 800m / 1500m / 5000m

Tim Brennan