The BMC is the PREMIER Middle Distance athletics club in the country.

Through its racing program, training courses and coaching articles we aim to improve the world standing of UK Middle Distance running. The club operates on behalf of its athlete and coach members to provide the services its members require.


The best of British from the BMC
Established 1963 and still running strong


Ben Pattison Leads Grand Prix Series Points

With two sub 1:47 performances at Trafford and Watford Bet Pattison has taken the lead on sixty-one points in the Grand Prix series. A£1000 first prize is up for grabs depending on results in the next two meetings at Loughborough and Eltham. Fellow 800m runner Kyle Langford is four points…

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Eight Days – Three BMC Wins!

Congratulations to Hannah Viner, three BMC races in eight days and three Wins! We don’t think that has been done before and it certainly shows great conditioning and excelent racing 8002:14.241DLee ValleyBMC Regional Races16 Jun 2115004:24.891CWatfordBMC Grand Prix12 Jun 2115004:30.321CWormwood ScrubsBMC Regional Races9 Jun 21

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Lee Valley – 16 June 2021 – Results

Races: 4 Finishers: 30 PBs: 11 (37%) Power of Ten results: Here Mens 800m A 1 01:51.47 501 Stephen MacKay SM  Glasgow City/Inverness 2 01:52.18 504 Nzima Akpan SM  Liverpool H 3 01:52.36 505 Ted Higgins U23 Bexley 4 01:52.62 503 Iestyn Williams U23 Carmarthen/Cardiff Uni 5 01:54.38 502 Archie Parkinson…

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Chester le Street – 14 June 2021 – Results

Races: 11 Finishers: 63 PBs: 26 (41%) Power of Ten results: Here A RACE Position Time First Name Surname Age Group Club 1 1:52.19 Will Bellamy U20 Houghton 2 1:53.19 Matthew Linsley Gateshead 3 1:53.65 Christopher Perkins U17 Birtley . . B RACE Position Time First Name Surname Age Group Club…

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Watford Grand Prix – 12 June 2021 – Results and Report

Races: 28 Finishers: 296 PBs: 135 (46%) Power of Ten results: Here BMC Records All Time 3000m Andrew Butchart 7:43.57 U20 members 5000m Osian Perrin 13:53.03 Qualifications Euro U20 01:48.79 Joe Ewing 03:41.27 Kane Elliot 13:53.03 Osian Perrin 16:27.84 Alice Garner 16:31.20 Phoebe Anderson 16:34.29 Ellen Weir Euro U23 01:46.80 Ben…

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5000m coaching discussion with Tim Hutchings and BMC Coaches

BMC 5000m coaching discussion with Tim Hutchings 4th 1984 Olympic 5000m and 2 x world cross country silver medallist. Neville Taylor compares and is joined by David Lowes and Mark Hookway. Photo Mark Shearman – Tim Hutchings and Said Aouita in the Los Angeles Olympic final

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2011474274,1661,706 (41%)
2012505224,8202,214 (46%)
2013464854,5282,029 (45%)
2014485234,7752,263 (47%)
2015485875,5442,548 (46%)
2016475855,6282,491 (44%)
2017476236,2023,007 (48%)
2018546626,3832,719 (43%)
2019606376,3512,691 (42%)
2020172211,360514 (38%)
2021212972,7481,409 (51%)
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