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Q&A with Adelle Tracey and Craig Winrow

A fantastic opportunity to get insights into the career progression and training of world-class middle-distance athlete, Adelle Tracey, with her long-term coach Craig Winrow. BOOK HERE Showing great promise as a junior athlete in winning 800m silver at the European Youth Olympics in 2009, Adelle was selected as one of…

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BMC Fixtures 2024

An exciting BMC fixture list is being created for 2024 with the aim of a season even more successful than 2023 which was the best ever! Further updates will follow with our PB Classic meeting and regional meetings added. All the fixture below will have UKA level 2 licenses and…

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Bannister Miles – May 6th 2024 – Iffley Road Oxford

Iffley Road Track 6th May 1954, the crowd waits in anticipation as the athletes in the men’s one mile line up on the start line. Among them is young medical student Roger Bannister and his pacers, friends and soon to be household names, Chris Chataway and Chris Brasher. The occasion,…

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2024 Grand Prix – World Challenger Update

We are pleased to share that our five Grand Prix meetings in 2024 will once again be part of the World Tour Challenger Series. We look forward to seeing the best in the UK match themselves against strong worldwide competition. Some recent news is that the track at Trafford will…

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Lee Valley Indoor – 07 Feb 2024 – Results

Races: 6 Finishers: 30 PBs: 2 (7%) Power of Ten results: Here BMC Men’s 800 m  A race 1 502 Tiarnam Crorken PRES 01:50.37 2 506 Benjamin Gardiner BIRU 01:51.02 3 504 Robert Hewison IRE 01:51.60 4 508 Jake Minshull COV 01:52.07 5 507 Jordan Chambers TONB 01:52.28 . BMC Women’s…

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Managing the Emotional Rollercoaster of Distance Coaching

BOOK HERE Former world-class athlete, turned world-class coach, James Thie, shares with us findings from his Sports Coaching PhD research, including: How to develop an awareness of everyday emotions in coaching. Management of emotions. Creating supportive environments for current and future coaches. BOOK HERE About your speaker: A key member…

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Race your way to a personal best (Up to and including 07/02/2024)

202433725758 (23%)
2023516176,2372,635 (42%)
2022505675,3632,366 (44%)
2021435234,7612,349 (49%)
2020172211,360514 (38%)
2019606376,3512,691 (42%)
2018546626,3832,719 (43%)
2017476236,2023,007 (48%)
2016475855,6282,491 (44%)
2015485875,5442,548 (46%)
2014485234,7752,263 (47%)
2013464854,5282,029 (45%)
2012505224,8202,214 (46%)
2011474274,1661,706 (41%)
2010464364,1641,905 (46%)

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