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Compression cuffs

Aid sports and injury recovery with ice and heat compression cuffs. Get 20% off with code: Milers20

Merchandise by Yorkshire Runner

Stylish hoodies, t-shirts, long-sleeves and caps made from recycled materials.

Technique analyses

Increase your efficiency and decrease your injuries with our detailed video analyses and bespoke corrective programmes.

Get 10% off premium analyses.

Performance and wellbeing

Online mentoring programme with guided S&C sessions and seminars supporting you and your team to be the best you can be. Grow Gracefull inside and out with 20% off:
Guided = weekly online S&C + mentoring
Goalden = Guided plus monthly 1-2-1

Beetroot Superfood Supplement

Improve performance and recovery with this pre and post-workout drink. 

To learn more about the benefits, click below or view our webinar.

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