Membership Queries

Any membership queries, such as joining or renewal issues, then please contact Paul Hayes

Existing BMC Members

We now have an online payment system in place, powered by, that allows you to keep your membership information up-to-date and pay online. By paying online you help reduce the time spent administering your membership so your co-operation would be very much appreciated! To access your information, we have set you up with an online account. The username for the account is your email address on our membership records. If you are logging in to the account for the first time, you will need to create a password. Follow the on-screen instructions to do that. If you have logged in to your online account before but have forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgot password’ link and follow the on-screen instructions. You can access your online account by clicking HERE If your email address is not recognised, you wish to use a new one, or need further help please contact Paul Hayes

New BMC Members

The new members joining fee can now been paid online HERE.

Membership Details

Membership is limited to those athletes who have achieved the required qualifying times. Only times achieved from 1 Jan in the previous year in your current age group will count for membership qualification purposes. Membership is also available to any accredited coach. Associate membership is granted to those possessing special qualifications likely to benefit the club. All members will receive a copy of the BMC News twice a year. They are eligible for reduced entry fees to BMC races and courses, preference in BMC race-seeding and travelling expenses to certain BMC races. Senior members are eligible to wear the BMC White Vest. Members with the BMC Gold Standard are eligible to wear the BMC Gold Vest. Younger Athletes achieving age group standards are eligible to wear BMC Academy vest. Annual subscriptions are due on the 1st January each year and should be paid online via this website. (Details above) For general membership queries, from 1st January 2022 Paul Hayes should be contacted via Email.

Membership Standard: Men

400m800m1500mMile3000m5000m10,000m3000m s/c2000m s/c1500m s/c
UNDER 20x2:00.004:10.004:30.009:15.0016:10.00x9:55.006:30.00x
UNDER 1753.002:04.004:18.004:40.009:30.00xxxx4:50.00
UNDER 15x2:13.004:35.004:55.0010:00.0xxxxx

Membership Standard: Women

400m800m1500mMile3000m5000m10,000m3000m s/c2000m s/c1500m s/c
UNDER 20x2:21.004:55.005:18.0010:45.0019:30.00x11:30.008:00.005:40.00
UNDER 17x2:24.005:00.005:24.0011:00.0xxxxx
UNDER 15x2:26.005:05.005:30.0011:15.00xxxxx

Only times achieved from 1 Jan in the previous year in your current age group will count for membership qualification purposes.

We accept 10K road times as qualification marks for the 10,000m standard.

We accept 5k road times as qualification marks for the 5000m standard if they are 10 seconds faster than those standards.