All Award Winners

The BMC Awards winners for Coaches and Athletes are decided by a vote of the BMC committee and chosen from all current BMC Membership. They are a recognition of contributionas and achievements in middle distance and BMC events.

Winners 1983 – 2017

Coach of the Year Athlete of the Year Young Athlete of the Year
1983 Harry Wilson
1984 Frank Horwill
1985 John Anderson
1986 Peter Coe
1987 Jimmy Hedley
1988 Tommy Boyle
1989 Gordon Surtees
1990 Neville Taylor
1991 David Denmark
1992 Ernie Gallagher
1993 Bob Parker Ian Gillespie
1994 George Gandy Tom Buckner
1995 David Arnold Neil Caddy
1996 John O’Rourke Rupert Waters
1997 Mike Down Jo Pavey
1998 Sean Kyle Andy Hart
1999 Alec Stanton Allen & Andrew Graffin
2000 Chris Wooldridge Sonia O’Sullivan
2001 Norman Poole
2002 Mark Rowland
2003 John Cooper Ricky Soos
2004 Nic Bideau Susan Scott
2005 Lindsey Dunn Nick McCormick Emily Pidgeon
2006 David Farrow Rebecca Lyne Stephanie Twell
2007 Andy Hobdell Jo Pavey Stephanie Twell
2008 George Gandy Lisa Dobriskey Stephanie Twell
2009 Trevor Painter Lisa Dobriskey Niall Brooks
2010 Norman Poole Mo Farah Charlotte Purdue
2011 Bud Baldaro Mo Farah Adam Cotton
2012 Craig Winrow Mo Farah Jessica Judd
2013 Phil Townsend Mo Farah Jessica Judd
2014 Gavin Pavey Jo Pavey Kyle Langford
2015 Aaron Thomas Shelayna Oskan Clarke Bobby Clay
2016 John Bigg Laura Muir George Mills
2017 James Thie Laura Muir Jemma Reekie

Winners 2018 – 

Coach of the Year Athlete of the Year Young Athlete of the Year
Female Male Female Male
2018 Geoff Wightman Laura Muir Jake Wightman Keely Hodgkinson Max Burgin
2019 Andrew Henderson Laura Muir Jake Wightman Isabelle Boffey Max Burgin

Lifetime Service To Coaching Award 

2009 Neville Taylor
2010 Lindsay Dunn
2011 Phil Banning
2012 Norman Poole
2013 David Sunderland
2014 Gordon Surtees
2015 Alex and Rosemary Stanton
2016 David Lowes
2017 Bud Baldaro
2018 Mike Down
2019 Phil O’Dell

FRANK HORWILL Award For Outstanding Services To BMC

Till 2011 the Frank Horwill award for outstanding services to the BMC was the personal gift of BMC Frank Horwill. From 2012 it has been decided by the BMC chairman.

Winners Pre-2004

Pat Fitzgerald, Norman  Poole, M Fraser Moat, Barbara Lock, Mike Down, Ian Chalk, Mike Rezin, Peter Thompson, Brian McAusland.

Winners 2005 –

2005 Steve Mosley, Tim Brennan
2006 Tim Grose
2007 David Lowes
2008 Mike Harris
2009 David Reader
2010 John Glover
2011 Rod Lock
2012 Maurice Millington
2013 Brendon Byrne
2014 David Cocksedge
2015 John Knowles
2016 Phil O’Dell
2017 David Iszatt
2018 Hugh Barrow
2019 Paul Hayes