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Reduce injuries and improve your running economy with Dr Richard Blagrove’s research-backed strength and conditioning guidelines. 

Providing recommendations for strength and conditioning exercises that are suitable for both gym- and home-based settings for runners, you will learn how to improve your performance without increasing your mileage. 

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Previous Webinars

 Elite athletes and founders of Kyniska Advocacy, Mhairi Maclennan and Kate Seary, will share:
  • Practical tips to arm you with the knowledge and confidence to support your athletes in pursuing their dreams, whilst also safely enjoying their time in sport.
  • Their athlete welfare toolkit which provides clear and succinct guidance around safeguarding red flags and processes.
  • Details of their athlete support service offering emotional support and practical advice from lived experience.
  • Information on the latest policy action in this space.

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Join the founders of The Athlete Parent Place, Joe and Caroline Fuggle, as they share with you key resources from their platform, including emotional support, nutrition, practical tips and tricks and more. Offering guidance, resources, information, and anecdotes from parents to current elite athletes, you will come away armed with the knowledge and confidence to support your children in pursuing their dreams…whilst also enjoying their time in sport.

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Glean insights into the highs and lows of the career of one of the UK’s top middle distance runners.
Boasting a total of 9 international medals over a span of 11 years, Jenny reached her prime in 2009 in winning a bronze medal at the World Championships in Berlin in a personal best of 1:57.93.
Now a key part of Keely Hodgkinson’s coaching set-up, there is much we can learn from this exciting guest.

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During the webinar you will learn all about:

  • profiling athletes for the steeplechase
  • technical advice/cues for hurdling & water jumps
  • practical sessions and event periodisation
  • sign-posting to further resources

The steeplechase is an event that continues to offer huge opportunities to British Junior and Senior athletes. Coaches looking to enhance or learn how to guide such athletes need not be anxious about how to do so.

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We are honoured to welcome this hugely respected and vastly experienced coach and manager to our webinar series. Sharing with us the benefit of over four decades of involvement in sport at the highest level, you are sure to come away enlightened and inspired by this unique speaker.

Frank’s detailed study of high performance and experience of coaching in sports toughest arenas positions him as “The Coach’s Coach”. His expertise is sought across sport around the globe by federations, coaches and performers.

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We are delighted to welcome legendary athlete Janeth Jepkosgei to our webinar series. She will offer unique insights to her time as one of the most dominant 800m runners of the noughties. Since retiring she has successfully transitioned to coaching a promising group of junior athletes with guidance from her former coach, Claudio Berardelli.

She is also involved in a number of philanthropic projects including working with refugees on behalf of the IAAF and supporting the work of the Shoe4Africa charity who built a school in her name.

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Join World Champion coach Geoff Wightman to glean insights into middle-distance running and coaching at the highest level.

We are delighted to welcome firm supporter of the BMC, Geoff Wightman, to our webinar series. He will both field questions from the audience and deliver a presentation about coaching pace-change.

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BMC President and long-time international athletics coach, Norman Poole, shares with us the formulas and finer details of his winter planning process. Refined over more than 45 years of coaching at the elite level, you will come away with ready-made structures and sessions that you can implement with your athletes. Tailoring advice to the different ‘species’ of middle-distance athletes, he will cover:

  • Suggested mileage progressions
  • Weekly training structures
  • Winter training sessions
  • Heart rate and lactate targets
  • Conditioning via circuit training and free weights

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Learn about physical and psychological gender differences helping you to best support your female athletes.

A lack of research and a lack of awareness has meant that, in many cases, female athletes have been coached like ‘small men’. But real differences exist that need to be addressed accordingly. This webinar will share the latest research into the impact of prevailing gender differences and how training and communication can be adapted to help female athletes reach their full potential.

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Physiological and psychological tips to control and harness nervous energy to create optimal performance states

Combining both evidence from scientific literature and anecdotes from top level performers in a variety of fields, you will gain insights into the physiological and psychological components of performance nerves with practical tips and exercises to help you remain in your peak performance zone.

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This is a storytelling presentation which focuses on the mental health and well-being of elite athletes. The interactive presentation will involve discussing videos which story six ways in which athletes manage and experience injury narratives:

  • Resilience
  • Merry-go-round
  • Longevity
  • Pendulum
  • Snowball
  • More-to-me.

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A research informed presentation by PhD researcher and applied practitioner, Matthew Cullen. You will learn all about:

    • Elite athlete conceptions of motivation
    • The impact that an athlete’s support team can have on their motivation.
    • Coach conceptions of elite athlete motivation
    • Coaching behaviours that positively impact athletes’ motivation.

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A powerful presentation by elite endurance runner, Pippa Woolven. Combining personal experience with her MSc in Positive Psychology, she highlights the need for increased awareness of the pitfalls of RED-S. She also signposts to the support available and outlines preventative measures.

Visit her website www.red-s.com to learn more about her work

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Humans are designed to run. But, due to our more sedentary lifestyles and clompy, cushioned trainers, it is an art that we have increasingly lost touch with.
In this webinar you will learn about 5 of the key biomechanical principles that form the human blueprint for movement.
Following on from that, you will hear about the strength and conditioning approaches of a number of top coaches and athletes including: Kelly Holmes, Wilson Kipketer, George Gandy and Claudio Beradelli (coach to multiple world and Olympic middle and long distance Kenyan athletes).

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You are 250% more likely to achieve success if you set a goal than if you just ‘do your best’. The new year is a great time to reflect on your winter training and to forge ahead with renewed focus and enthusiasm.

In this webinar you will learn about science-backed strategies that will assist you in setting meaningful goals, whilst arming you with principles that will help to keep you ‘on track’ if things don’t quite go to plan (as is usually the case!)

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Learning from our Mistakes with Becky Lyne and Marilyn Okoro

Designed to help the next generation of middle distance athletes and their coaches, in this webinar Marilyn and Becky openly share the key mistakes they made in their professional careers, offering advice for how to avoid the same pitfalls.

Since retiring from professional sport, they have joined forces to create an online mentoring programme for up-and-coming athletes: Gracefull Girls. With weekly virtual strength and conditioning sessions followed by a performance and well-being seminar, they strive to develop both inner and outer strength, so that their ‘Gracelets’ can enjoy long, successful and fulfilling careers.

Learn more about their Gracefull Girls Programme

BMC 5000m coaching discussion with Tim Hutchings

4th 1984 Olympic 5000m and 2 x world cross country silver medallist Tim Hutching talks with BMC head of coaching Neville Taylor, joined by David Lowes and Mark Hookway.

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BMC 1500m coaching discussion with Steve Cram

Former World record holder Steve Cram joins Norman Poole, Andy Henderson,  James Thie and Mark Hookway in a 1500m training discussion moderated by Neville Taylor.

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BMC 800m coaching discussion 

Top coaches Norman Poole, James Thie, Andy Henderson, David Lowes and Mark Hookway bring a massive amount of knowledge to the table as they join together in a zoom call facilitated by Neville Taylor. They disuss the different approaches to 800m training and how to develop the 400m/800m type athlete and the 800m/1500m athlete.

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