1. Name and Objects.
The name of the Organisation shall be the British Milers’ Club. The objects of the organisation shall be:-

  • To raise the standard of British middle-distance running.
  • To increase the knowledge of coaches and others interested in these events.

2. Membership.
Membership shall be restricted to athletes achieving the Club’s entry standards, qualified coaches, and others deemed to have qualities to promote the objectives of the Club.
The qualifying standards for entry shall be decided by the General Committee and approved by the Members at the Annual General Meeting.
Life Membership may be awarded for outstanding performances or services to the Club. Members to be elected to Life Membership shall be nominated by the General Committee and approved by the members at the Annual General Meeting.
All desirous of becoming members shall complete an application form approved by the National Committee. The Membership Secretary shall have the authority to admit to membership those who submit a satisfactory application form and make payment of the required joining fee and first annual subscription.

3. Subscriptions.
The annual subscription rate and joining fee shall be set at the AGM.
Any alteration to the subscription rate shall be approved by a simple majority of members at a General Meeting.
Any member more than six months in arrears shall be deemed to have forfeited membership and may not be reinstated until all arrears have been paid up.

4. National Committee.
The Club’s business shall be managed by a National Committee – hereinafter referred to as the Committee.
The Committee shall be elected at the AGM and shall consist of:- Chairman, Vice-Chairman, National Secretary, Treasurer and the chairs of sub-commitees proposed by the committee such as academy chairman, competition chairman, coaching chairman. Up to 8 other members may be elected to the committee.
The Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to three additional members or to replace any of its members.
Committee meetings shall be as and when the Committee thinks necessary. A quorum of a meeting of the Committee shall consist of five members.
If a quorum is not present within fifteen minutes of the specific commencement time, the meeting shall be adjourned.
The Chairman shall be entitled to a casting vote in the event of a deadlock.
The Vice-Chairman shall be entitled to act as chairman in the Chairman’s absence. If neither are present at a meeting, the members shall elect an acting chairman from those members present.
Regional Secretaries may appoint deputies to act in their absence; such deputies shall not be entitled to vote at Committee meetings.
The Committee shall publish a club magazine at least once a year.

5. Sub-Committees.
The National Committee may delegate to a Sub-Committee, for the day-to-day running of the Club in relation to:-

  • Competition.
  • Media and Communication.
  • The Academy.
  • Administration.
  • Coaching.
  • Any other purposes as agreed necessary by the committee.

The Sub-Committees shall report fully to the next meeting of the Committee all actions they have taken.

6. Presidents and Vice-Presidents.
These positions shall be elected at the AGM. Members so elected may attend and vote at committee meetings, but will not be liable to pay the annual subscription.

7.General Meetings.
The Club shall in each year hold a General Meeting as its Annual General Meeting (AGM), in addition to any other General Meetings in the year.
The AGM shall be held in any appropriate place as approved by the Committee. All General Meetings other than the AGM shall be called Extraordinary General Meetings. Members shall be given at least 28 days notice of the AGM and at least 14 days notice of Extraordinary General Meetings. All matters for inclusion in the AGM shall be received by the National Secretary at least 21 days before the meeting.
An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the National Secretary within 21 days of the receipt by him of a requisition signed by at least 20 members, stating the business to be brought forward before such a meeting.

8. Alterations to the Constitution.
The Constitution shall be altered only at a AGM by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting; proxy votes shall be allowed. Any alteration made shall take effect immediately.

9. Proceedings at the Annual General Meeting.
The business at the meeting shall be:-

  • To receive and consider the Annual Report of the Treasurer (to include the Income and Expenditure Account and the Balance Sheet).
  • the Annual Report of the National Secretary and sub-committees
  • The election of the Offices, the President, Vice-President and Committee Members for the ensuing year.
  • To transact any other business.

No business shall be transacted unless a quorum of six members is present. All resolutions put to the vote must be approved by a majority of members entitled to vote. The Chairman shall decide the manner of voting.

10. Proceedings at Extraordinary General Meetings.
The business of the meeting shall be conducted as directed by the Chairman.

11. Accounts
The Treasurer shall keep an account showing details of all sums of money received and sent. This account shall be available at each meeting of the Committee. All outgoing cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer, the Chairman, or other Officer as authorised by the National Committee.

12. Audit.
A statement of accounts shall be presented at the AGM.

13. Interpretation of the Rules.
The interpretation of the rules shall be the prerogative of the National Committee.

14. Dissolution.
In the event of the Club’s dissolution its net assets shall be realised and donated to a charity nominated by a majority of the members at an Extraordinary General Meeting.