The Benefits of Bicarb and Beetroot

Recent breakthroughs in sports nutrition have enabled the development of supplements with the potential to aid in PBs. However, it is essential to understand how to use these supplements correctly to avoid pitfalls that can derail performance.



Bicarbonate of soda has been used by athletes for decades thanks to its ability to neutralise lactic acid. However, until recently, the side effect was typically mild-severe gastro-intestinal issues. Following years of pioneering research and development, Maurten have found a solution to these issues in their Bicarb System.

Dr. Joshua Rowe will explore who is the ideal candidate for the Maurten Bicarb System, the optimal timing for its use in both training and competition, and the rationale behind its application. Furthermore, Josh will share insights into both internal and external data, illustrating the system’s impact and efficacy in enhancing athletic performance.

About Josh and Maurten

Dr. Joshua Rowe is a former athlete, turned, Performance Scientist and Innovation Lead at Maurten.

The latest addition to their range of performance fuelling products is the Maurten Bicarb System. Since its introduction, it has played a crucial role in assisting athletes to break world records and win Olympic and World Championship titles. Notably, at the 2023 World Championships, approximately two-thirds of all medallists (male and female) in events ranging from 800 to 10,000 meters incorporated the Bicarb System into their pre-race strategies. Currently, Maurten is actively collaborating with British Athletics, offering support as athletes preparing for the upcoming Paris Olympics.



Discover the science behind beetroot’s impact on training and recovery. Experienced nutritional therapist Sue Thomas will share insights into the benefits for endurance athletes and how to supplement it to avoid digestive issues with Synergy Worldwide’s Pro360 Performance Beets.

About Sue Thomas and Synergy Worldwide.

Sue is a qualified nutritional therapist with over 20 years of experience working with elite athletes and the general public alike to improve their performance and wellbeing, naturally.

She works with Synergy Worldwide (listed in the Forbes top 100 most trustworthy companies), that create powerful organic nutritional supplements using natural ingredients that can improve your all-round performance and well-being. BMC members can get 5% off their pre-exercise beetroot supplement.




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