Q&A with Jenny Meadows

Glean insights into the highs and lows of the career of one of the UK’s top middle distance runners


Starting out her athletics career as a 400m runner, Jenny, the ‘pocket rocket’. successfully transitioned to the 800m in 2002. Boasting a total of 9 international medals over a span of 11 years, Jenny reached her prime in 2009 in winning a bronze medal at the World Championships in Berlin in a personal best of 1:57.93.

There’s much we can learn from Jenny’s trajectory. Never a standout as a junior athlete on the international stage (although she did contribute greatly to the success of the 4x400m team), her tenacity and patience in shaping herself into one of the world’s finest middle distance athletes is an inspiration to all.

After retirement, Meadows has worked as a UK Athletics coach, athletics commentator event host and a Director of Totally Runable Ltd, a company that works with schools using running to build confidence in sport.

She is also part of Keely Hodgkinson’s coaching team along with her husband Trevor Painter.

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