Season Update

There has been a strong demand to enter the first BMC races of the season. We will be adding more fixtures progressively do keep checking the fixtures SEE FIXTURES

Some of our favourite venues such as Watford are yet to open and the Millfield PB Classic can’t take place on its usual date at the beginning of May as, understandably, the school is getting back to normal. We have sought some new venues, for instance regional races in Gillingham.

In meetings that will fill up we are prioritising entries from BMC members. So meeting may open races to entries to members first and space permitting will then allow non-members to enter, or may accept non-members as deferred entries to be accepted if space permits.

Grand Prix – Birmingham University Steeplechase

The first three Grand Prix meetings of the season will provide Olympic, U23 and U20 qualifying opportunities. We are grateful for the support and backing of British Athletics for this.

We are also making the Steeplechase at Birmingham University on 9th June part of the Grand Prix Series and the Grand Prix Steeplechase and Best of British will apply SEE PRIZE MONEY

Overseas Entries

The options for overseas athletes coming in are:

  1. As an elite athletes as categorised by their home country, but in this situation, they can only compete in elite only events in the UK, against UK defined elite athletes which at the moment is the top few in the country.
  2. As tourists following all the rules for travel to the UK from their home country and according to UK entry rules which also vary by country. Then they can participate in community sporting events. BMC meetings will come into this category as we have a mix of UK Elite and non-elite.

Athletes will “usually have to:

  • fill in a form on GOV.UK with details of where you’ll stay in the UK
  • get tested for coronavirus in the 3 days before you start your journey to the UK
  • book coronavirus tests to take after you arrive

You will have to stay inside at the address you put on the form for 10 days after you arrive – this is called ‘self-isolating’ or ‘quarantine’.

The rules are different if you are coming to the UK from Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. You won’t have to fill in the form or self-isolate unless you travelled from somewhere else in the last 10 days.”

Coronavirus – if you enter the UK from abroad – Citizens Advice

400m and 400m Hurdle races

In a spirit of cooperation with another event group we have included 400m and 400H elite races in our Trafford Grand Prix with the hope of athletes achieving Olympic qualification.

Tim Brennan

Tim Brennan

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