Grand Prix and Best of British Meeting Prizes

A Prize Fund of £12,000 exists for each of the five Grand Prix Meetings with up to £1000 to be won at each distance male and female.

800mMen  Women
Sub 1:45£1000£600£400Sub 2:00£1000£600£400
Sub 1:46£500£300£200Sub 2:01£500£300£200
Sub 1:47£250£150£100Sub 2:02£250£150£100
Best of British£200£200

1500mMen  Women
Sub 3:35£1000£600£400Sub 4:05£1000£600£400
Sub 3:37£500£300£200Sub 4:08£500£300£200
Sub 3:39£250£150£100Sub 4:10£250£150£100
Best of British£200£200

5000mMen  Women
Sub 13:20£1000£600£400Sub 15:15£1000£600£400
Sub 13:30£500£300£200Sub 15:25£500£300£200
Sub 13:40£250£150£100Sub 15:30£250£150£100
Best of British£200£200

3000m STCMen  Women
Sub 8:25£1000£600£400Sub 9:30£1000£600£400
Sub 8:30£500£300£200Sub 9:35£500£300£200
Sub 8:35£250£150£100Sub 9:40£250£150£100
Best of British£200£200

Best of British (paid up BMC Members)

A £200 prize will be paid to the fastest BMC member in each Grand Prix and Best of British event who does not win a higher sum in the above prizes. This will be the fastest person in the event irrespective of which race they are seeded in.

A £200 prize will be paid for a BMC Senior or Junior member’s record if outside the first 3 or if the above prize money is less. This is the best performance by a paid-up BMC member in a BMC race.

For Regular competitors in the Grand Prix series there is also points to be collected during the first four meetings and prizes to be won in the Grand Prix final. Details of this can be found in SERIES PRIZE MONEY