SAUCONY Sportcity Grand Prix – 27 May 2023 – Start Lists & details

Full details for the meeting including parking can be found HERE


Timetable for the meeting can be found HERE

Start Lists:

Start lists are available HERE

If you have any questions please contact Steve Green

Meeting Preview: HERE

Vinco live stream: HERE

Live scoreboard HERE (For on the day start lists, results and running clock)


1. Security checks, such as bag searches, will be in place for everybody who requires access to the stadium.
This process will take place in a gazebo, which will be located in the carpark adjacent to the stadium.
Please arrive early at Sportcity since queues are likely to form prior to bag search.

2. After bag search, spectators and coaches will have to provide an e-ticket or pay for a ticket on the day, to gain
a wrist-band which allows access from the gazebo to the stadium.
To speed up the payment process, it would assist us if you could pay in cash.

3. After bag search, athletes will progress from the gazebo to the Registration area, close to the indoor track,
where they will pick up their numbers and a wrist-band which allows access to the stadium.

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