British Athletics Supporters Club sponsor BMC

We are pleased to announce that the British Athletic Supporters `Club have agreed to sponsor the men’s 1500/mile in this year’s BMC Grand Prix meetings. This includes the Emsley Carr Mile at Sport City.

“With the current crop of talented athletes, emerging stars and a great heritage, Britain has a lot to be proud of in middle distance racing,” said Marc Hope, Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement Lead for British Athletics Supporters Club. “British Athletics Supporters Club is delighted to partner with BMC to further support British athletes by sponsoring the Emsley Carr Mile and 1500m Grand Prix races.”  

“The BMC is delighted that the British Athletic Supports Club have generously agreed a sponsorship “said BMC CEO Tim Brennan.” “The purpose of the BMC is to see UK endurance athletes operating at World Class level and winning medals at the international championships. In this we have a common desire with BASC, and as partners, and thanks to the sponsorship, we can look forward to recent successes continuing.”

Picture of Tim Brennan

Tim Brennan

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