Managing Chronic Lower Leg Injuries Webinar

Getting back to basics in building foundations to prevent overuse running injuries + Body maintenance techniques to nip niggles in the bud.


Experienced UKA physio Sarah Connors shares with us the benefit of her years of experience working in elite level sport, guiding us through what is needed to be able to train consistently and prevent overuse, lower-leg injuries, including:

  • Getting back to basics to set solid foundations to build from
  • What to do if things start niggling: How to stretch and release tight areas and where to look.
  • How to rehab back to running

There will also be time for a Q and A at the end so come prepared with any questions!


About Sarah Connors:

A world-class physiotherapist, Sarah has been chartered for 30 years, spending 25 of these working alongside UKAthletics, treating athletes from all disciplines. This has included 2 Olympic Games. Sarah now primarily treats athletes and runners of all abilities, setting up a local running club which now has over 250 members. She has also worked for Asics for 10 years as part of their pro team, guest lectured at Birmingham university and written a book on running injuries called Running Well.

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