Lee Valley – 25 Apr 2021 – Start List and Timetable

Upon Arrival

  • Please park in the Odeon carpark on the left as you enter the Complex. There is limited parking opposite the Centre.
  • Pre-entry online only. Please do not enter if you have not already booked.
  • Enter the Centre at your allocated time. (Coaches exempt from entry time)
  • Please wear a mask when entering the Athletics Centre. Masks are required to worn at all times inside.
  • Head straight to the Registration desk, please maintain 2m distance between each party.
  • Give your full name to the LVAC Staff who will check you off against the register. If you are coming with a Parent or Guardian please give their name as well. Coaches please show your UKA Coach Accreditation.
  • Have your temperature taken, if it reads above 37.5c then you will be turned away.
  • Collect your number with pins and head outside towards the track.

While at the Venue

  • Please adhere to social distancing rules during your time at the Venue.
  • Single cubicle toilets will be available inside the Centre. Please wear your mask when coming inside.
  • There will be designated areas for you to warm in, site plans will be available.
  • When warming up please adhere to social distancing rules, this applies to jogging as well as sitting around.
  • The seating stand will not be available to sit in so please consider the weather when attending.


  • Arrive in the Final Call area ready for competition. You will be checked in by the Official, once the race before has gone you will be allowed to the start area.
  • Kit boxes will be provided for belongings.
  • When you finish your race the scoreboard operator will display your race results once. Please leave the finish area promptly after they have been displayed. Results will be published on-line, there will be no Results Board.
  • Results will be displayed online. Details will be provided at registration.
  • Return to the start area to collect your belongings.
  • Leave the Centre by your exit time. It is important that you do so in order for the Venue not to reach capacity. If that happens then it will delay the entry of other athletes arriving for their race.
Event Race Number Entry and Registration Race Number Final Call Race Time Leave Building
Start End
BMC R 1 – 4 10:15 10:45 1 11:20 11:25 11:50
BMC 10:15 10:45 2 11:25 11:30 11:55
BMC 10:15 10:45 3 11:30 11:35 12:00
BMC 10:15 10:45 4 11:35 11:40 12:05


A Race Start 11:20 Pace 54
70 Michael Wilson 5981 SEN M Sunderland
71 Luca Bigg 8390 U23 M Brighton Phoenix
72 Tyler Bilyard 8475 U23 M City of Norwich
73 Niki Faulkner 8174 SEN M Highgate/Imperial College
74 Jaiden Gaston 8842 U20 M Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets
75 Charlie Wakefield 8719 U20 M St. Edmund Pacers/Ryston
M800 B Race Start 11:30 Pace 58
76 Jack Exley 8005 U23 M Thurrock
77 Harrison Tremain 8577 U23 M Ashford AC
78 Jake Boat SEN M Owls Leicester
79 Dan Peters U17 M Havering
80 Eric Williams U23 M Kingston & Poly
81 Tom Gillbanks U23 M Wallasey
82 Hugo Cayssials SEN M Thames Valley
83 Matthew Houchell U23 M Basildon
W800 A Race Start 11:25 Pace 65
84 Beatrix Wraith 8615 U20 W Hertford & Ware
85 Kate Willis 8129 U20 W City of Norwich
86 Ella Fryer 8021 U20 W St. Mary’s Richmond
87 Jayne Elvin 8576 U17 W Thurrock
88 Holly Watson 8192 U17 W Chelmsford
89 Gaby Bilbie 8519 U15 W Chelmsford
90 Hayley Instance U20 W Thurrock
W800 B Race Start 11:35 Pace 68
91 Tania-Cyrena Cyrus SEN W Enfield & Haringey/East London U
92 Kirsten Fraser 8548 U15 W Bracknell AC
93 Payton Carter 8544 U15 W Oxford City
94 Charlotte Cooney-Quinn U20 W Ealing Southall & Middx
95 Mia Manttan U20 W London Heathside
96 Laura Hillyard SEN W Victoria Park
97 Niamh Keohane U17 W Trent Park
98 Grace Forster U20 W City of Norwich