Chester-le-Street – 19 July 2021 – Details

Athletes Checklist for Competition

  1. It is essential that you check and follow the latest UK Government Covid Guidance.
  2. One person, a coach, family, or friends may attend as a supporter with an athlete. There is no charge for admission (the venue has a set number of spectators allowed at any one time).
  3. Durham County Council has set a limit for the venue. If the venue capacity is reached we reserve the right to ask athletes and spectators for completed events to leave (all spectators must stay on the home straight steps and no-one, except organisers are allowed anywhere else).
  4. If you are U18 or younger, you should seek permission from your parents or carer to compete.
  5. Carry hand sanitiser with you.
  6. Maintain social distancing at all times within the venue and also appropriate to your event.
  7. Only take part and compete if fit and healthy to do so.
  8. No socialising before and after competition (refrain from spitting on the competition area).
  9. Do not take part and compete if showing symptoms and/or have been isolating during the 14 days prior to the race.
  10. All attendees will be asked to wear a face-mask in indoor areas such as toilets (one-in, one-out system).
  11. The current EA Covid Guidelines still remind us that recent times have caused difficulty for the physical and mental health of many people. England Athletics has a number of links to useful advice in this area, such as ‘Supporting Mental Health, Coronavirus and Your Wellbeing’.


G Race      19:15     Jason Catterall                 78/2:36

D Race      19:25     Joe Armstrong                 69/2:18

C Race       19:35     James Martin                   66/2:13

E Race       19:45     Joe Armstrong                 72/2:24

B Race       19:55     James Young                    63/2:06

F Race       20:05     Jason Catterall                 74/2:29

A Race      20:15     James Young                    61/2:03

Start Lists

A RACE 20:15

Vest   BMC    Name                                      Club

  1. NO Stephen Addison U23                Corstorphine
  2. YES Nikolai Gajic U23                      Giffnock North
  3. NO Muktaar Farhan                         Cardiff
  4. YES Calum Johnson                         Gateshead
  5. YES Cameron Deverill U17               Giffnock North
  6. YES Reuben Macdonald U17            Giffnock North
  7. YES James Gillon                            Law
  8. NO Kieran Reay                             Tyne Bridge
  9. NO Jamie Goodge U23                   Tonbridge
  10. NO Jake Creasey U20                    Middlesbrough Mandale
  11. YES Tommy Shaw U20                    City of York
  12. YES Ben Sandilands U20                  Fife
  13. YES Christopher Perkins U17 £6       Birtley

Pace: 61/2:03 James Young


B RACE 19:55

Vest   BMC    Name                                      Club

  1. NO George Rowland U20                Doncaster
  2. YES Ross O’Brien U20                     Giffnock North
  3. YES Alistair Douglass                       Morpeth
  4. NO Darrell Hastie V35                     Gala
  5. NO Daniel Melling U20  £10             Morpeth
  6. YES Scott Armstrong U23                 Durham
  7. YES Kai Crawford U17                     Aberdeen
  8. NO Adam Russell U20                    Darlington
  9. NO Andrew Brown V40                   Woodford Green Essex Ladies
  10. NO Jack Douglas U23                    Charnwood
  11. NO Elliot Duff U23                          Garscube
  12. YES Ethan Bond U17                       Gosforth

Pace: 63/2:06 James Young


C RACE 19:35

Vest   BMC    Name                                      Club

  1. YES Thomas Dixon U17                   Charnwood
  2. NO Harry Allen U23                        New Marske
  3. NO Arne Dumez                             Belgrave
  4. NO Alfie Pipe U17                          Cambridge & Coleridge
  5. YES Lewis Watt U20                        Aberdeen
  6. NO Charlie Daley U20 £10              Tynedale
  7. YES Silas Christie U17                     Gosforth
  8. NO Ryan Davies U17                     Morpeth
  9. NO Duncan Hughes U20                 Blackhill
  10. NO Joseph West U17                     Middlesbrough Mandale
  11. YES Josh Law U20                          Inverclyde
  12. NO Adam Mitchell                           Darlington
  13. YES Harvey Norden U20                  Rothwell
  14. NO Josh McKinlay U17 £10             Kilbarchan

Pace: 66/2:12 James Martin


D RACE 19:25

Vest   BMC    Name                                      Club

  1. YES Rhys Crawford U15                  Aberdeen
  2. YES Craig Shennan U15                   Giffnock North
  3. NO Samuel Terry U17                     Durham
  4. YES Rachel Gibson W                      North Down
  5. YES Hannah Addison W                   Corstorphine
  6. YES Sarah Coutts U20W                  Fife
  7. YES Millie Howard U23W  £6            Harrogate
  8. NO Bailey Spence U20                   Middlesbrough Mandale
  9. NO Luke Pettit U23                         Middlesbrough Mandale
  10. NO Jacob Hiom U23                       Canada
  11. NO Ryan Eden U20                        North Shields Poly

Pace: 69/2:19 Joe Armstrong


E RACE 19:45

Vest   BMC    Name                                      Club

  1. NO Matthew Cox U17                     Giffnock North
  2. NO Josh Scott U17                         Airdrie
  3. NO Sam Mason U15                       Durham
  4. YES George Craggs U15                  Hartlepool
  5. NO Matthew Knak U17                   Giffnock North
  6. YES Valencia Wright U17W               Giffnock North
  7. NO Emily Strathdee W                    Edinburgh
  8. YES Ines Curran U20W                    Gateshead
  9. NO Meredith Reid U20W                 North Ayrshire
  10. YES Lucy Scothern U17W                Chester-le-Street
  11. YES Eden Creasey U15W                 Middlesbrough Mandale
  12. NO Jack Wallace U15  £10              Giffnock North

Pace: 72/2:24 Joe Armstrong


F RACE 20:05

Vest   BMC    Name                                      Club

  1. NO Glen Griffiths U17                     Giffnock North
  2. NO Alasdair Nugent U15                 Giffnock North
  3. NO Christy O’Hare U15                   Middlesbrough Mandale
  4. NO William Jardine U13                  Durham
  5. NO James Leaf U17                       Giffnock North
  6. NO Adam Varey U15 £10                Border
  7. YES Emily Chong U20W                   Chester-le-Street
  8. YES Shannon Robinson U17W          Richmond & Zetland
  9. YES Freya Clarkson U17W               Chester-le-Street
  10. NO Mille McClelland-Brooks U15W  Banchory Stonehaven
  11. NO Olivia Robbins U15W                East Lothian
  12. NO Holly Waugh U17                      North Shields Poly

Pace: 74/2:28 Jason Catterall


G RACE 19:15

Vest   BMC    Name                                      Club

  1. NO Luke Boothby U15                    Middlesbrough Mandale
  2. NO Thomas Pearson U17                Middlesbrough Mandale
  3. NO Ryan King U15                         Houghton
  4. YES Ruth Walsh U15W                    Corstorphine
  5. NO Katie Joslyn U17                      North Shields Poly
  6. YES Holly Ovens U15W                   Fife
  7. NO Freya Campbell U15W              Giffnock North
  8. YES Emily Brown U17W  £6             New Marske
  9. NO Emma McLennan U17W            Giffnock North
  10. NO Ava Beaton U15W                    Inverclyde
  11. NO Caitlin Flanagan U17W              Morpeth
  12. NO Katie Sandilands U15W             Fife
  13. NO Emily Vest U17W                     Darlington
  14. NO Jennifer Iceton U15W                Middlesbrough Mandale

Pace: 78/2:36 Jason Catterall