S&C For Endurance Runners Webinar


Reduce injuries and improve your running economy with Dr Richard Blagrove’s research-backed strength and conditioning guidelines

Middle- and long-distance running performance is primarily limited by cardiorespiratory and metabolic physiology, however neuromuscular factors are also known to be important determinants of running economy and sprint speed. Various strength training modalities offer a means of improving neuromuscular qualities, which can potentially improve distance running performance without the need to increase running mileage.

The prevalence of overuse injury amongst runners is unfortunately high, therefore strategies to mitigate against the risk of injury are of interest to athletes and their coaches. Several intrinsic risk factors associated with common injuries in distance runners are potentially modifiable with strength training activities. Addressing these risk factors with a targeted and individualised programme of supplementary strength and conditioning exercises may therefore offer a strategy to lower injury risk.

In this talk, Richard will provide an overview of the evidence that supplementary strength training may be of benefit to distance runners from a performance and injury risk perspective. The talk will also provide recommendations concerning the prescription of appropriate strength and conditioning activities for runners. Specifically, the aims of the talk will be to:

• Explain why strength and conditioning is important for endurance runners of all ages and abilities from a performance and an injury prevention perspective.

• Provide recommendations for strength and conditioning exercises that are suitable for both gym- and home-based settings for runners.


About the presenter:

Richard is a Senior Lecturer in Physiology and the Programme Leader for the MSc Strength and Conditioning at Loughborough University. Richard is an Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and was previously a Director of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association. He has provided coaching support to middle- and long-distance runners for over 15 years, including several Olympians and athletes who have won medals at major international championships.

He gained a PhD from Northumbria University investigating the utility of strength-based exercise in distance runners and in 2015 authored the book ‘Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Runners’ with The Crowood Press. His current research is investigating a wide range of issues relating to how we can improve performance and maintain health in runners.

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