Grand Prix Series Prizes

The Grand Prix series prizes are awards for top performing athletes of the Grand Prix series. With the prizes to be decided in the Grand Prix Final.

At stake are prizes for the top 3 men and top 3 women of:

1st Place – £1000

2nd Place – £500

3rd Place – £200

To qualify you must have performed in at least one of the first four Grand Prix meeting and compete in the Grand Prix Final. Performances can come at more than one distance, there is one overall prize to be awarded in the final Grand Prix.

Series Points Scoring

Points may be scored in each of the five Grand Prix meetings of the season. The fastest BMC member in each event will score 20 points, the second scores 19 points and so on down to 1 point for the twentieth fastest.

Bonus points can be added to these points for everyone achieving these time targets:

Points800m M/W1500m M/W5000m M/W3000 STC M/W2000 STC W

The series total will be calculated from the best two scores from  two of the first four Grand Prix meetings plus the score in the final.

The series prize will replace the individual Best of British Prize for the Grand Prix Final.

Best of British applies to the first four meetings and the Grand Prix place money applies to all five meetings. Details can be found here