GP3 Woodside Stadium, Watford - 29 June 2019 - Details

Meeting Date
The meeting is on Saturday 29th June and will run between 17:00 and 22:00.

Event closing date
14th June at 5pm or earlier if the meeting is full

Entry Fees
Please note that for 2019 the entry fees are:-
Stadium entry - £5.00
Note: 'BMC Coaches will gain free entry to the stadium on production of their membership card and coach license.
Race entry for BMC members - £3
Race entry for non-members - £15.00

British Milers Club members
BMC members that appear on the start lists with ** next to their name are in arrears with their membership subs. Please bring your cheque book. Further clarification can be obtained from Pat Fitzgerald.

No longer running?
As we expect all the Grand Prix meetings are going to be over-subscribed, it means we will have to turn athletes away. If you have already entered and can no longer compete please can you inform the person that your entry went to. This will not only allow another athlete to compete but can also mean that several athletes could be moved up a race (from C to B, D to C, E to D, etc. We consider this a matter of courtsey, both to the organisers and to your fellow athletes.

Start Lists
To withdraw, queries, etc please contact Tim Brennan E-mail. or phone 01628 415748
Athletes marked with "**" next to their name may be behind in there subs. Please see Pat Fitzgerald at the venue BEFORE collecting your number.

Pace Makers
Any athletes that are able to help pace any of the races should contact Tim Brennan by E-mail or phone 01628 415748

All entries
A full list of all accepted and deferred entries to date HERE

Leading entries
As always we will try to notify of the leading entries to date which are:-
Men Women
800m 7 races -
Jake Wightman - 1:44 last year
Daniel Rowden - 1:44 last year
Max Burgin U20 - 1:46 this year
Charlie Da'Vall Grice - 1:46 this year
Zak Curran - 1:47 this year
Elliot Giles - 1:47 this year
Joseph Reid - 1:47 this year
Spencer Thomas - 1:47 this year
Christian Von Eitzen - 1:47 this year
Jamie Webb - 1:47 this year
Alex Botterill - 1:48 this year
Oliver Dustin - 1:48 this year
John Fitzsimons (IRE) - 1:48 this year
Conall Kirk (IRE) - 1:48 this year
Ben Pattison - 1:48 this year
Max Wharton - 1:48 this year
Canaan Solomon - 1:48 this year
Michael Wilson - 1:48 this year
4 Races
Alexandra Bell - 1:59 last year
Sarah McDonald - 2:00 last year
Revee Walcott-Nolan - 2:01 last year
Siofra Cleirigh-Buttner (IRE) - 2:01 this year
Alena Brooks (TRIN) - 2:02 this year
Mari Smith - 2:02 this year
Sarah Healy (IRE) - 2:02 last year
Ciara Mageean (IRE) - 2:02 last year
Nadia Power (IRE) - 2:03 this year
Ciara Everard (IRE) - 2:04 last year
Amy Griffiths - 2:04 last year
1500m 5 races
Archie Davis 03:42.40
Philip Sesemann 03:40.93
Guy Smith 03:42.55
3 races
Jess Judd- 4:05
Hannah England SB 4:16.97
Anna Moller PB 4:11.08
3000m 2 races
Alex Breker PB 8:07.07
Eoin Everard PB 8:03
- - - -
U20 3000 UK Trial
Thomas Keen 8:14.41
Benjamin West 8:16.16
Rory Leonard 8:18.80
Samuel Charlton 8:19.65
Henry McLuckie 8:17.92
Luke Van Oudtshoorn 8:22.78
Max Heyden 8:14.97
Zakariya Mahamed 8:28.26
Kian Davis 8:20.10
1 race
Phoebe Law 9:17.64
- - - -
U20 3000 UK Trial
Charlotte Alexander 9:31.12
Grace Brock 9:24.81
Grace Copeland 9:32.22
Eloise Walker 9:28.50
5000m 2 Races
Sam Stabler PB 13:30.50
Andrew Heyes PB 13:46.34
Jake Shelley PB 13:46.17
Ben Bradley PB/SB 13:58.84
Joshua Grace PB 14:05.11
Richard Goodman PB 13:59.94
Mohamed Mohamed PB 13:56.04
Jake Smith PB/SB 14:00.35
1 Race
Louise Small 15:40.50
Lilly Partridge 16:11.81
Jenny Nesbitt 15:51.60
3000m S/C 1 Race
Zak Seddon 8:21
Ieuen Thomas 8:30
Doug Musson 8:38.54
Daniel Jarvis 08:43.09
Mark Pearce 08:43.58
1 Race
Izzy Bird 9:53.29
Iona Lake 9:39.03
Kerry O'Flaherty 9:42.61

The closest hotel is a 10 minute walk to the track at Watford. Details are
PREMIER INN, St Albans Road, Watford, WD25 OLH
Tel: 08701 977 261
Fax: 01923 682164

Directions: From M1 junction 6 follow south on A405 towards Garston, branch left onto A412 St Albans Road. The hotel is on the right hand side, behind the TGI Friday's.

Alternative accommodation
PARK INN, 30/40 St Albans Road, Watford, WD17 1RN.
Tel. 01923 429988.


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