2011 Prize Structure (from 800m to 10,000m)

(ii) For all remaining BMC Grand Prix

For all Grand Prixs

Please note that non-BMC members will have the BMC membership fee of £25 deducted from their prize winnings.

A £150 prize will be paid for a BMC member’s record if outside the first 3 or if the above prize money is less. This is the best performance by a paid up BMC member in a BMC race.

A £100 prize will be paid for a BMC Junior member’s record if outside the first 3 or the prize money received would be less than this. This is the best performance by a paid up Junior BMC member in a BMC race.

Non-members who have not been especially invited as guests will have their joining subscription deducted from any winnings.

If an athlete has more that one performance in the same event on the same night then their best performance only counts for the prize money.

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The best of British from the BMC

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